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45/52 - 52 Most Influential People

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Mom 45/52


Meet The Person:

Lee Ann Pompei. Nurse. Mom. Grandmother.

Lee Ann has been nursing now for 37 years, most of those being at an OB-GYN doctors office. She loves seeing the babies and their parents who are so happy to be starting their lives together. Since she has been there, she has seen those “babies” who are now young adults that are patients at the office.

Personally Lee Ann is most passionate about her family and friends. She’s proud to be a wife and mother. She and my Dad have been married for 36 years, have two great children and their spouses and now two and a half grandchildren - which is the best thing ever! Other than being with her family, she loves the beach, the water, dancing, traveling, crafting, music and nature.

Lee enjoyed helping out at Deibler Elementary school (our school growing up) with the PTO and learning support programs with Mrs. Sturza and of course Green/White day. Lee Ann was also a very successful cheerleading coach for the Pennridge Greenjackets Pop Warner team as well as Pennridge High School. She would love to still be coaching but her work hours keep her from doing so. She was the Bux-Mont cheer coordinator for Pop-Warner and was a Greenjackets cheerleading officer on the board.

Lee Ann is most grateful for having family and friends who have supported our family to help her raise two awesome children. Her cup runneth over! 


Influence 45/52Lee Ann Pompei Mom doing what she does best - sitting at the beach enjoying the sun! 



Mom. Mommy. Momz. Momma. The one who brought me in and certainly would be the first to take me out if she needed to!

Growing up, my Mom was the disciplinarian. She wore the pants in the household and you didn’t dare cross her. She was pretty hard on me in nearly every facet. I had to get good grades and go to school every day. I would have had to have been on my death bed in order for her to let me stay home sick. I constantly had to do chores around the house both inside and out. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with certain kids and had a curfew that was set in stone. Mess up even the slightest bit and I was grounded. I think I was grounded once for increasing darkness towards nighttime. She held her ground with me and certainly made it hard on me to slip up in any way. And it worked because I didn’t want to piss her off and feel the wrath of my mom! Now if you were my sister on the other hand, you could have gotten away with murder and it would have been fine. But that’s for another day!

My Mom is a hard worker. She is a registered nurse and has been working at the Doylestown Womens Health center on and off my entire life. She spent many of our early years at home, being a stay at home Mom. Once we were old enough, she went back to working full time. She was also tireless working around the house. She was always cleaning inside and gardening like crazy outside. She has an uncanny green thumb that I have no idea where it came from. Ask her nearly any plant, flower, shrub, and she will tell you what it is, what type of sunlight it needs, etc. It’s amazing. I swear, every single weekend that we were not busy with sports or a family party, she was gardening or doing something outside.

She is also a beach nut. She is always the first one on the beach and the last one to leave just before dinner. When we would get a house at the beach, if you were looking for my mom, you just had to look out the window towards the ocean and there she was, in her beach chair reading a book. She’s a beach bum and loves being by the water. I get my love for the beach from her. We used to go the Outer Banks of North Carolina every single year and we still try to get down as often as we can now a days. I fell in love with the beach right away and was so privileged to have the chance to be at the beach at least once a summer growing up. I always wanted to have a beach house (I know, who doesn’t?!) but now I want one more than ever. And I don’t want one just for myself anymore, I want it for my family. I want Cooper to grow up at the beach and enjoy everything it has to offer. I want him to learn how to boogie board, surf and swim in the ocean. It’s something that I always wanted as a kid. I wanted to grow up a little surfer dude, hanging out in a beach town, living that beach life. I would love for my kids to have that opportunity. So if anyone knows a way to win the lottery, I am all ears!

There are a million stories I could tell you about my mom. But none of those really matter when you know how great she is. She’s the definition of the word mother. Loving, protective and caring. She would do anything for me and I know I can ask her for anything. A little over two years ago I was no longer her baby. My son Cooper became her new baby. I guess at 29 years old that has to happen sooner or later right? If you were around when she was raising me, things have changed. Like, a lot! She’s soft now. No more yelling, slapping and grounding. Cooper has her wrapped around his finger and nobody likes that more than Cooper and my mom. He wants something, he gets it and she loves to spoil him. But that’s what grandmothers are for. Spoil them rotten then send them home to let the parents deal with the fallout! Cooper just loves his ‘Nonnie’ (Italian for grandmother) and his face lights up when he sees her. Both my mom and my dad have been great with their first grandchild. We can call them up for anything and they are there for us no matter what. It’s a great thing to have as a parent and they have helped us out countless times.

So while Cooper is eating some cookies, I am grounded in my room writing this blog. Thanks for being a great mom and for teaching me the hard knocks while growing up. Many would say you’ve done a good job because I think I have turned out okay. But I will say it anyway, thanks mom. I love you.




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Thanks everyone!
Deb mother-in-law!(non-registered)
Nice write-up Nick! Although I have enjoyed all of them!
you will always be my baby- i love you too!
Michele Malone(non-registered)
My Aunt Deb is a fantastic human being!!!
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