As the DSLR videography side of things comes into focus, I will be delivering that media here to you. Most of my video's will be joint projects with the award winning JTWOfilms and Full Circle Intermedia. Being around a super talented group is very rewarding to me and is helping me grow as a cinematographer/videographer. 



Make Every Day Go Skateboarding Day Powered by VitaCoco from JTwo Films on Vimeo.

Pro Skateboarders, Center City, Skate parks, Vita Coco, hanging out of a Vita Coco van, breaking alarm clocks - Yes please! JTWO films did a feature for Vita Coco with pro skate boarder Kyle Nichols. Long but super awesome day hanging out with this crew. My new 5d3 just plain kicks ass! Check it out! 



FPS: Citizens Bank Park Walk from JTwo Films on Vimeo.

This is my first video project working with the JTWO guys and their side project company. This is for their non-profit side of their business - 'Projects that Matter' As they have grown, they have seen the unique opportunity to work with very special people out there. And this video showcases that in every way. This is 'For Pete's Sake' An organization that basically helps kids and families who are struggling with cancer. Specifically, they raise funds to help these children and families go on vacations. They have sent them to Walt Disney World, the beach, etc. 

This was easily the most fun I had on a video shoot to date and what an incredible group of people to be around. Everyone was just having a blast helping raise money for a great cause. Oh, and it didn't hurt to be in Citizens Bank Park basically by myself for most of the morning! That was a great experience! Enjoy and stay tuned for more great work from JTWO and Projects that Matter.

For Pete's Sake -

Projects that Matter -





Coming Home Complete Show from FullCircle Intermedia on Vimeo.

This is the entire 'Coming Home' show from the Kurt Coleman documentary. You can see JTWO Films and Full Circle Intermedia's promo below to get an idea of where they are heading. This entire documentary is a great behind the scenes into the world of the Eagles Safety.  Really great work and it's awesome to see Kurt as such a down to earth guy - that comes from great video work! Nice job guys portraying him as the genuine person he is!





Here is my first big project with Full Circle – This is their ‘digital promo’ video. It is just a quick snapshot of what they will be doing as a company. With the backing of “JB” James Brown, a creative marketing firm in Foster/Redman and the talented guys at JTWO films, this is a serious company! Here is their mission statement:

“We are innovators, creators, collaborators and storytellers. A necessity to the age of the celebrity. A digital arm to a career spent shimmering under the blinding lights of scrutiny, specializing in helping professional athletes and entertainers to establish, develop and commercialize enduring digital brands for themselves as they move toward tomorrow.”

 I’m really proud to be a part of it and super stoked to get to work again soon!




As my wife and I inch ever so closer to being parents, I wanted to put something together before our baby is born. I had to wait until the  shower so the nursery was finally complete. So that put me in a bit of a time crunch. Sis is just a quick shoot and edit. But it's something I hope to hand over to them later in lifee is the first installment of the baby videos: 


Waiting from Nick Pompei Photography on Vimeo.