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26/52 - 52 Most Influential People

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Hadley Marie Link 26/52


Meet The Person:

Hadley Marie Link - Newborn. Kid. Cutie. Baby. Niece.

Born on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 6:12pm to Thomas and Nicole Link. Hadley weighed in at a lean 6lbs 9oz and measured 19 ½” with dark brown hair and blue eyes

Professionally, Hadley has the world in front of her. She may consider working at a boarding school for all girls, working in an all girl workplace and could even coach at an all girls school. I think you can see the theme here.

Personally, Hadley may become a cheerleader like her mother or even swing the sticks like her father and become the next golf phenom! What Hadley will not do is date boys. That is off limits. As is doing drugs and hanging out with the wrong crew. I won’t tolerate it and I know her parents won’t either. But she can play softball, decide to be a chef, design the next space shuttle or guide it into space. The possibilities are endless, all it takes for her is a little drive, determination and hard work. 


Influence 26/52Hadley Marie Link Hadley smiling, because she just realized I am her Uncle! 



Hadley Marie just made me an Uncle! Not only that, but she gave my son Cooper his first cousin on my side of the family. I am beyond thrilled for my sister and her husband. Being an Uncle is so damn exciting! I don’t know if I was ready for this level of excitement but it’s a great feeling.

My sister, Nicole, has had her share of struggles since she graduated high school. Her physical disabilities have kept her from doing a lot of things that many of us take for granted. But she has carved out a great life for herself, and Thomas has been a great asset as well. But it was always a big question whether or not she would be able to become pregnant, and if so, carry a baby during pregnancy. Well if you know anything about my sister, you don’t tell her what to do. So her getting pregnant was an awesome first step. She and the baby stayed wonderfully healthy throughout the pregnancy. And just a few days ago, Coley in her typical form, spent only a few minutes pushing to deliver. And out came my beautiful little Niece.

Her cry is unmistakably female - high pitched and cute. She’s got a nice head of dark hair and super long fingers and toes. She is nursing well and pooping good, too. See, when you become a parent, these two things are what you learn to live by. That and their nap schedule. Getting on a good nap schedule is paramount. And as a parent, you learn to live around said nap schedule. I learn to live my life one nap at a time. My day is built into three parts: 1) before nap 2) during nap 3) after nap. I will let you guess which part is the most productive but shortest lived!

Nicole and Thomas, as new parents, have their hands full. Learning the nuances of how Hadley is going to behave, when to sleep, what foods she likes, what pajamas are the easiest to put on, if she likes the swing or the rocker better, etc. etc. etc. It’s all a big learning process. The gray hairs mount and your emotions become thinner than that gray hair. But there ain’t much better than when that baby looks at you and smiles. So best of luck Coley and Thomas!
Since I don’t have a girl (at least yet) I figured I would give Thomas some advice and/or help in case he needs it: Don’t let her date boys. Boys suck. Maturity for men usually doesn’t occur until late in their 20’s. So IF, and that’s a big if, she dates, she can do it once she (and her date) is near 30 years old. I will leave all of you fathers of daughters this little video. Now, it’s not safe for work and you will no doubt spit up your coffee, wine or beer. So be careful who is around you.

Thomas, you and I can actually live this scene in 25-30 year from now. And if you don’t want to get in trouble, no problem. I have a best friend, Tim Baum, who will certainly help me enact this scene to the first “Reggie” that decides to come take out my Niece on a first date. To all of you “Reggies” out there, think twice dudes.

Love you Hadley!





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