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Adam Killion 49/52


Meet The Person:

Adam Killion. Technology Education Teacher at Hatboro-Horsham High School. This September will start his seventh year at H-H.

Professionally, Adam is most passionate about trying to help each student progress their life in and out of school. Seeing the kids day in and day out excite him the most. Watching the kids just be kids is something he gets a kick out of.

Personally, Adam is most passionate about spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys camping, motorcycles, volleyball and soccer (don’t hold that last one against him folks.)


Influence 49/52Adam Killion Adam riding his custom built 1968 Harley Davidson Shovelhead



Harley guy. Old School. Throwback.

Adam and I have been working together for six years now at Hatboro-Horsham High School. We work together as a unit at school. We are both the Technology Education teachers and work side by side. Adam is the mechanical drafting, architecture and engineering specialist. He has taken our department from a ho-hum dumping ground to a legitimate, well-rounded place for our kids to learn. Every year he is diving into new programs to stay on top of the changes in the real world. He works really hard at keeping his lessons fresh and engaging for the students.

He and I have become really good friends over the years. Working alongside someone like Adam is great. It really reminds me of the relationship that our high school Tech. Ed. teachers had at Pennridge. Mr. Miller and Mr. A were our mentors and inspiration for doing what we do now. They had an awesome relationship between themselves. Mr. A was the fun, goofy and slightly crazy teacher while Mr. Miller was the slightly more reserved, regimented and focused teacher. They complimented each other perfectly. They could finish each others sentences and thoughts. They ran an awesome program. I feel as though Adam and I are well on our way to the same thing at H-H. The kids enjoy having us both and feel like we have a good thing going between our classrooms. It’s certainly a lot of fun and makes going to work every day a blast.

Adam is also a big motorcycle guy. He’s been riding bikes since his late teenage years and has built and or modified nearly every Harley he has owned. He doesn’t buy new Harleys because he enjoys working on older ones. His latest creation is a beauty. Here are the pictures from a few years back after he finished working on it - http://www.nickpompei.com/akillion . This shoot also was featured in a really cool Harley/Custom motorcycle magazine called ‘Show Class.’ It was the first publication of my photographs so it was a real honor. Adam being the good dude he is, made me a really nice custom wood framed display of the published magazine pages. It was a great touch and is hanging proudly in my office!

He’s constantly looking to upgrade or change his bike at all times. Just about a year after he had the bike above done, he had it torn down and changed up all kinds of stuff - just because! You just have to love that!

We have already had a lot of fun in our first few years as growing teachers. We are now entering that long road to retirement together. We have changed our department around in many different ways to really make it our own. We go to conferences and student competitions together throughout the year. Those are the times I look forward to the most during the school year. We hang out outside of the classroom and have grown very close. It’s a great friendship with a little work thrown in there!

Thanks for being a great teacher and co-worker. But thanks for being a great friend as well, Adam! 



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